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       When General Glass International made the decision to significantly increase its product offerings to include decorative architectural glass, a huge investment was made in a new technology that prints just about anything imaginable directly to glass. (See examples pictured below.)

       Nearly everyone reading this project review is familiar with desktop ink-jet printers used at home or at the office. Now think about an "ink-jet" printer that is 26 feet long by 14 feet wide that prints a permanent ceramic based ink on sheets of glass that are between 1/4" to 3/4" thick, up to 8 feet wide by 12 feet long, could weigh up to 800 pounds, and with a cost of well over a million dollars. Now THAT is a printer!

       A few challenges remained for GGI management...Where do we install this thing?... When will it be operational?... How do we meet our deadline for introduction? All of this against the background that this was one of the first installations of this equipment in the United States, without a model to follow.

       The specifications to house this technology were challenging, to say the least. Consider this:

                              • Dust: Clean Room Standards, Class 100/ISO 5
                              • Temperature: 70F ± 2F (Surrounding plant area varies from 50F to 100F)
                              • Humidity: 50% ± 5% (Surrounding plant area varies from 15% to 95%)
                              • Air Pressure: Positive @ .125 Bar.
                              • Room Size: 40' x 40' by 10' clear to ceiling. 1600 sq. ft. or 16,000 cubic ft.  
                              • Air Flow: Minimum 10 air changes per hour (160,000 cubic ft. per hour.)
                              • Fire Protection: One dry breathable system and sprinklers.
                              • Product entry-exit: 3 air sealed slots, 6"tall x 12' long.
                              • Personnel entry-egress: One at each end of room.
                              • Employee Protection: Meet all OSHA standards for exposure to all
                                 volatiles in ink (<50 parts per million, time weighted average for 8 hours.)

"ALICE" in operation
From Concept To Completion
Walls and ceilings were constructed with pre sized panels of interior and exterior metal, laminated to rigid 4 inch thick extruded foam insulation with an R-32 insulation rating. A double-barreled vinyl gasket was provided on panel edges to provide an air and vapor proof seal.
The history of  Harlem Hospital, New York City, NY is depicted in three murals totaling  65 feet tall by 165 feet in height. It uses 439 individually printed glass panels.
JCA was selected as the general contractor/project manager and assumed responsibility for all phases of engineering, design, construction, and employee monitoring to meet OSHA standards. The project was completed on schedule, within budget and met or exceeded all design requirements.

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